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Some bacteria make you sick and you get medicine from a doctor. This medicine is called antibiotic and acts like poison against (anti = against) bacteria. Bacteria aren’t stupid and learn, so that finally the poison is no longer effective. Here you can see how it works.  

Antibiotic Resistance

Incubation of agar plates

Project description

The development of resistance to antibiotics is a health-related issue. Antibiotics are especially used in factory-farming in large quantities, but much less in the Alpine, small-scale farming. This topic will be approached by using an agar plate with antibiotic gradients, which is incubated under certain conditions (temperature, air humidity). Mutations allow to tolerate higher concentrations of antibiotics. This can be visualized live and supported by a video presentation of the process.


Institute of Microbiology, Department of Hygiene (Insam, Lass-Flörl)