What is Storytelling?

Scientific correlations are often difficult to impart, so it is important to turn knowledge into stories to captivate the listener. Children, teenagers and adults have different demands for information. But it can be entertaining for everyone. Visitors remember contents better, if they can relate to the proverbial guiding thread. It will be exciting for the young and the old, if the guiding thread and facts are linked to a storyline.

Transmedia storytelling, such as Let’s Play videos, fan fiction, comics or radio-play like audio and multimedia guides, enables Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants to learn in a playful way. It is also important to integrate researchers with media and regional fame for example via film interviews.


Senta Six (Austrian Biologist Association); Suzanne Kapellari (Institute of Subject-Specific Education) + all sub-project developers, Johanna Mihevc (Children in Alpbach), Elisabeth Lukasser-Vogl (association Klasse!Forschung) a.o.